Dario Ristić

Technology Business Executive

Hey, I’m Dario and I’m a Technology and Business executive with over 15 years of experience in delivering extensive complex digital products and solutions to high-profile clients.

Specializing in digital innovation and solving problems that other people avoid. I have worked in all type of environments from dark rooms, and noisy NOCs to fancy corporation. I have worked solo, in small or big teams, in globally and locally distributed remote teams, and incorporated high-stakes fast-paced startups.



I am interested in meeting new people, learning new things, and helping with interesting projects. I am happy to connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

To stay in touch I am looking forward to receiving an Email.


Vast experience in building complete businesses, from a startup to an established company phase, proves my ability to assemble high-quality teams of associates, who use technology to drive innovation and solve complex business problems today. Defining client-friendly products in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams in a completely agile work environment.