Dario proudly produces online digital services since 1999. Specialized in digital innovation and solving problems other companies avoid. Research projects, focusing on disruptive innovation, cloud and web applications, low-cost platform technologies and long term scalability goals.

Product Manager at Propulsion App d.o.o.

Defining client-friendly products in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams in a completely agile work environment. Collaborating with internal teams and assisting clients throughout the product lifecycle – from conceptualization to delivery of the initial version and all future versions and addons.

Crafting a strategic vision and building the right product-market perception. Particularly focused on details presented to clients, development teams and designers, securing platform enhancement.

CEO at Cloudex d.o.o.

Implementation of the first commercial cloud operating system OpenStack in Southeast Europe, Serbia and Slovenia. Defining long-term business strategic goals. Building internal sales and implementation teams for different types of the industry, across all sales channels.

Improving the company’s market position and achieving financial goals. Identifying new business opportunities, conducting negotiations and closing sale cycle in given market conditions.

Regional Director Cloud Department at SBB – United Group

Collaborated with great people from United Group on different demanding projects across Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Maintained relationships with top technology vendors, software integrators, network agencies, consulting firms, and marketing agencies to establish a business ecosystem that works.

Implemented regional Cloud Platform in three national datacenters with associated teams, from, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. SBB and Telemach’s proprietary infrastructure and high adaptability to new technologies have enabled the widely available cloud at affordable prices to end-users.

Cooperated with regional sales directors in defining the strategy of marketing and sales of service to end clients.

Built a regional partner network to efficiently deliver complex Big data platforms across all sales channels. Developed with Supermicro teams from the region, private cloud platform built on the Open-Stack solution based on Supermicro 2U chassis for medium to large customers.

Involved in internal projects as a development manager for:

  • Creating and implementing a digital strategy
  • Redesigning the visual identity of all brands in the United Group
  • Redesigning the internet presence for all brands web sites
  • Redesigning and upgrading My.sbb user portal

Management Consultant at Orion Telekom d.o.o.

Collaborated with executive leaders of business development segment in identifying, developing and forging new customer relationships across all sales channels. Created the Company’s digital transformation strategy.

Owner and CEO at SezamPro Hosting

Second largest web hosting company in Serbia and the first regional company to offer cloud computing managed hosting, application platforms and website acceleration, purchased by Greenhouse Telecommunications, NL. Experience in company management, customer experience, digital marketing, and cloud industry. Responsible for planning, researching, developing and executing company goals.

Owner and CTO at eHost d.o.o.

Launched the first global Cpanel web hosting provider in Serbia. Planed, researched and executed long-term Company goals and daily supervised and maintained services of several hundred servers. Ehost continually supported and motivated the Open-Source community. A company organized one of the first Joomla and WordPress events becoming the first private provider that supported open technologies and ideas.Completed merging with SezamPro on-line ISP in 2007.